Financial Support for Grand Jury Resistors Aug 7:

The Quiet Coyote Cash Out: Support PNW Anarchist Grand Jury Resistors

On August 2nd, comrades faced a grand jury and refused to feed into the investigation that is taking place by those who ultimately seek to imprison our friends and loved ones. Subpoenas have now been issued for a later date and we expect this is far from over. For as long as those subpoenaed are resisting, a judge can hold them in contempt for a maximum of 18 months, or until the grand jury completes its term, whichever comes first. During this grand jury, jail time will be expected for friends which will cause stress and separation from those they love. Time that cannot be replaced will be taken from them. Plans, goals, and responsibilities will be put off. With this in mind, we recognize that we have the ability to decrease the tailspin for our friends and support them through these moments.

This money will be directly placed into the hands of our comrades —those who do not cooperate— when they are released from jail. The money is to be used for anything that they please. Although money will never truly compensate them for the time they will likely lose, we want to show them that we recognize that their incarceration is a consequence of their strength and will. We see their refusal to play jester in the house of Justice as a beautiful refusal. In this scenario, silence is a testament to their power. We can only hope that the money we raise helps alleviate the inherent stress and worry that being forcibly isolated brings, making the transition from a cell to the open air a bit easier.

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For regular updates regarding the grand jury and to donate visit:

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