Seattle: August @ the Wildcat

The Wildcat:

Film: The Chicago Conspiracy – Saturday August 11th 6PM


The Chicago Conspiracy is a documentary three years in the making. The project was filmed in Chile, and the story extends into the Mapuche indigenous lands of Wallmapu. The concept for the film was born with the death of a former military dictator. We celebrated in the streets of Santiago with thousands of people after hearing the news: General Augusto Pinochet was dead. His regime murdered thousands and tortured tens of thousands after the military coup on September 11, 1973. We celebrated both his death and the implication that the political and economic system which put him in power might itself be mortal. We began this documentary with the death of a dictator, but we continue with the legacy of a dictatorship.


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Film: The Spook Who Sat By The Door – Thursday August23 7pm


A fictional story about a black man (acted by Lawrence Cook) who plays Uncle Tom in order to gain access to CIA weapons and covert ops training, then uses that knowledge to plot an armed insurrection in the streets of Chicago during the late 60s.

Released to theaters in 1973, the film reportedly “scared the shit out of white folks” at the time, and was subsequently banned by the United Artists film distribution company until the early 2000s.


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(FYI: PARIS COMMUNE event postponed for next month)

hi-res calendar.

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