I Tell Em, Slow Down, You Know You Can’t Catch Me.

PugetSoundAnarchists.org. Aug 8:

I would like to start by saying that I send nothing but love and unbreakable solidarity to my alleged subpoenaed non-cooperating comrades, especially Leah. Whether we called each other friends in the past or have never even met, through this experience our struggle is even more connected.

About two weeks ago I received some information that led me to believe that the FBI was searching for me in order to serve a subpoena. While in all actuality, and in the eyes of the court, this is nothing more than someone playing a cruel joke on me, I remain very startled. So startled, that i decided I should get out of town for a while, to a place where I would feel more safe. Luckily, I have more than enough support from my friends and loved ones to make this situation bearable. I want to thank all the comrades and friends who have helped through the beginning of this rough situation. Whether they be on the West Coast, East Coast, or anywhere else in the world.

My hesitation at even the thought of participating in Grand Jury does not have anything to do with “rights” or “justice”. While yes, technically a Grand Jury would be a violation of my civil rights, I do not want spend time on getting caught up on words that have such little meaning to me. I have no desire to view myself as a victim, or someones whose rights have been violated. Instead, I understand that the state views myself and my comrades as enemies, and they will do whatever they can to stifle our struggle, providing they can get away with it. The gathering of this Grand Jury is not surprising or unexpected, but that does not make it hurt any less. I completely understand that others in a similar situation want to exercise their rights to be kept out of prison, and I will absolutely stand by whatever the other allegedly subpoenaed comrades chose to do. Different people chose to resist in different ways and this is fine, as long as everyone remains non-cooperating I see no problem with any decisions that my comrades would make.

It is clear that the State is trying to send us a message, and may they hear our response. Our passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons! But our passion for each other is stronger than any feeling the vultures of the State will ever know! I am so happy to see how much support there has already been in response to this event! Much love to Seattle, Bloomington, The Bay, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and any other place I forgot, your actions and words make this experience a whole lot easier. All the material,emotional, and monetary support I have also received means the world to me, and I’m very thankful to have such great friends and comrades. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know new people on this journey thus far. But each time I’m introduced to someone, it’s very hard to not think of all those friends who I will not see for a long time. I imagine this is going to get easier with time. At the very rare chance that I am actually being subpoenaed this Grand Jury, I could not find myself in a better situation. I have the support and love from my friends, the feeling of safety, and the unbreakable solidarity that I share with my comrades. To quote a famous contemporary poet. “Tryna keep up wit me, but it’s nothing to me.”

I love you all and hopefully I will be seeing you soon.

Long live Anarchy!


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