Seattle Second Grand Jury Hearing on August 30

Rally at the Courthouse Support Grand Jury Resistors

  • Thurs. August 30th
  • 12 noon
  • Fed Courthouse – 700 Stewart St Seattle, WA

August 2nd was the first hearing of the Seattle grand jury that has been formed to investigate Northwest anarchists. Leah-Lynn Plante read a statement that detailed her non-cooperation and then proceeded to go inside the court house to refuse to answer their questions.

80 or so supporters cheered her on as she entered the courthouse. She returned to less than an hour later to more ecstatic cheers. The prosecutor issued her a new subpoena for August 30, 2012, at 1pm.

The remaining recipients of subpoenas either elected not to show up to the grand jury, had August 30 or another date on their subpoena, or have not been officially served.

Please come out on August 30th to express your solidarity with the resistors and show your stance against the State’s witch hunt.

BRING: Banners, fliers, NOISE makers, signs, and anything else to make this rally energetic and supportive.

Check for updates.

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