Portland: Get to know your local FBI agents

Portland IMC. Aug 13:

Getting to know your local FBI agents. An initial list. More to come!

Gregory L. Amato
Intelligence Analyst
FBI Portland Division, Squad 13
Embedded: Squad 10 (DT/WMD)
ph 503-460-8527
cell 503-310-6139
fx 503-552-5327
email:  gregory.amato@ic.fbi.gov

Michael Caputo, Julie Thornton
FBI Portland Division
1500 SW 1st Avenue – Crown Plaza
Portland, OR 97201
ph 503-552-5204
fx 503-552-5383
email:  mcaputo@leo.gov,  jthorn1@leo.gov

Mike Larson
Criminal Intelligence
1111 SW Second Ave., Room 1326
Portland, OR 97204
ph 503-823-0983
fx 503-823-0313

Phil R. Slinkard
Special Agent
FBI Portland Division – Cyber Crime
ph 503-460-8521
email:  phil.slinkard@leo.gov

Emily Whitney
Staff Operations Specialist
FBI Portland Division
email:  emily.whitney@leo.gov

Timothy W. Suttles
Special Agent
PO Box 687
Eugene, OR 97440
ph 541-343-5222
fx 541-349-2388
email:  timothy-suttles@ic.fbi.gov

Darold Hessel
PO Box 511
Salem, OR 97308
ph 503-362-6601
fx 503-585-5667

Chuck Cogburn, Director
Oregon TITAN Fusion Center OR DOJ
Criminal Justice Division
610 Hawthorne Ave. SE, Suite 120
Salem, OR 97301
ph 503-378-6347 x310
cell 503-932-1771
fx 503-378-5018
email:  ccogburn@leo.gov,  chuckcogburn@state.or.us,  cogburn@state.or.us

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