Paris, France: Slashed Tires in Solidarity with PNW Grand Jury Resisters

from Nantes Indymedia & PSA. Aug 19:

During the nights of August 15th and 16th, some tires rebelled against their existence, preferring to deflate themselves rather than perform the tasks imposed on them.

– an Orange[1] SUV (exploits prisoners)
– a Veolia[2] car (nuclear)
– a Red Cross van (manages the Roissy detention center[3] and other detention centers in several countries)
-an SUV of Sunland Energies d’Avenir[4]
-a city government car
-two Vinci[5] cars (builders of jails)
-a SPIE[6] car (nuclear and surveillance technology)
Tired of transporting yuppies from work to home, the tires of 17 vélib’[7] tires have committed suicide. The same goes for some 4×4’s and a Porsche.

This small action is a modest contribution in solidarity with the anarchists incarcerated in the American Northwest after their attacks against domination; in any case, those who remain silent in the face of the Grand Jury. Dedicated also to those incarcerated under “Ardire” and “Mangiafuoco.”[8]

Here’s hoping an epidemic of tire suicide will ensue.

Some tires who are deflated–but not resigned.

translator’s notes:
[1]Orange is the name of a French telecommunications company, which presumably profits off the prison industry
[2]French energy company
[3]French prison
[4]French Energy company
[5]French multitechnical company
[6]Construction company
[7]Government-run “free bicycle” program bikes
[8]Recent state operations of repression against anarchists in Italy

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