Being John Zerzan -My Time with Anarchy Radio

This Is Primal War. Aug 21:

I have not taken the time to write much down in the way of updates, new thoughts, critiques, or rants lately, and I feel fucking GREAT! I am not sure it is related that I feel great and hav enot been writing, but why change your socks when your on a winning streak? On top of my reluctance to write lately, my family has decided to move into a completely off grid tipi in in the woods. It is likely that I will not be taking much time to hike into town just to grab a computer and a wifi hotspot to update my fucking blog. So, I have decided to put up some links to a few radio shows I hosted at the request of John Zerzan in his absence. John has been hosting Anarchy Radio for around a hundred years, and it is my favorite thinng to listen to (besides maybe Alex Jones cause that shit is TOO funny). Seriously though, I have a lot of respect for JZ, love the show, and feel honored to have hosted it a few times. Here are links to some shows from this year:

February 7th 2012
Layla Abdel-Rahim joins myself and friend Will Feral on this show. Great stuff from Layla!!!!

February 21st 2012
Rants, calls and beginnings of FBI raids in PDX.

July 31st 2012
Calls, ranting and furtherance of FBI raids in PDX.

John is regulary on Tuesday nights at 7 PM pacific time. Find th earchive links and link to live show at

I will find time occasionally to post new stuff on here. In th emeantime, I will be emailing, so if you want to be in touch: primalwarmonger [at] g mail (dot) com

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