Noam Chomsky on the grand juries & “We Will Not Cooperate” zine updated Aug 21:

We Will Not Cooperate Updated

The zine that was released upon the world weeks ago entitled “We Will Not Cooperate” has been updated with a more comprehensive list of solidarity statements and attacks.

Disseminate wildly.


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No Repression. Aug 21:

Scholars, Artists, and Activists Oppose Recent FBI Raids and Grand Jury Repression

We’ve asked a series of scholars and movement veterans what they think about the recent FBI raids, the grand jury subpoenas, and the refusal to testify. We’ll be running their responses here over the next week or so. We begin today with Noam Chomsky:

Noam Chomsky: “Unacceptable Violations of Elementary Civil Rights”

From the reports so far available, the FBI raids appear to be unacceptable violations of elementary civil rights. And insofar as the Grand Jury is being convened as a device of intimidation, refusal to cooperate with it would be quite justified in my opinion.

Noam Chomsky, emeritus professor of linguistics and philosophy at MIT, is among the most important scholars in his field. But he is yet more famous for his trenchant criticisms of U.S foreign policy and the media’s subservience to the powerful.

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