Portland Solidarity gets deposit back from shitty landlord & PDX Solidarity info

Portland Indymedia. Aug 21:

Portland Solidarity wins deposit back from Falcon Art Community landlord (see IMC post here.)

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Portland Solidarity Network. Aug 21:

Interested in the Portland Solidarity Network?

Our organization embraces the broader struggle for worker and tenant self-determination, but we initiate campaigns in response to specific instances of abuse by bosses or landlords; we are dedicated to the principle that in injury to one is an injury to all.

We are always hoping to hear from individuals living or working in unsafe, abusive, or exploitative conditions.

Has your boss…

  • Fired you unfairly or illegally?
  • Stolen or withheld wages?
  • Threatened or harassed you or other employees?

Has your landlord…

  • Unfairly evicted or threatened to evict you?
  • Refused or needlessly delayed repairs?
  • Stolen or withheld your deposit?

We may decide to take on your campaign, in which case we will help you fight to force your boss or landlord to meet your specific demands for justice.

Are you interested in joining the Portland Solidarity Network? We are always looking for folks wanting to participate in our organization! Contact us and we can set up a meeting to help you get involved. We are also always willing to provide more information and answer any questions.

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One Response to Portland Solidarity gets deposit back from shitty landlord & PDX Solidarity info

  1. It turns out that the landlord CANCELED the check at the last minute. It originally appeared as ‘cleared’ on our friend Beth’s bank account, but it turned out that it got canceled. This only means that we – the Portland Solidarity Network – will have to increase the pressure on Brian Wannamaker, the landlord that’s refusing to return Beth’s deposit. We are escalating our campaign every week, and we are very confident that we will win justice for Beth. Please get in touch with us at portlandsolidaritynetwork@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at (503) 446-6065 if you are interested in joining, have a question, or want more information.

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