Besancon, France: Solidarity attack against banks

from Contra-Info / PSA. Aug 24:

On the night between 21 and 22 August, the bank Crédit Mutuel, located on Avenue Gaulard, was attacked with paint.

We threw eggs filled with red and black paint on the facade: This action was done in solidarity with our comrades who are resisting the grand jury in the northwestern U.S.. We likewise send our support to LA Anarchists, rebels of the world for anti-authoritarian ideas and / or actions of disobedience and resistance to the capitalist system: strength and value to our comrade Luciano “Tortuga” recently condemned by the Chilean state, Kelly, convicted of involvement in the riots of the counter-G20 Toronto (Canada) in 2010.

Last month, the Credit Agricole bank, from 50 meters, was the target of vandalism: the glass facade exploded with a cinder block donated by the city of Besançon, which is doing work for the tram.

It is only the beginning!
Anarchist Solidarity with the current social war prisoners!


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