Seattle: Authoritative Organizers & State appeasement and collaboration within Occupy Seattle Aug 30:

This text is a small piece of an upcoming article titled “Authoritative Organizers & State appeasement and collaboration within Occupy Seattle”

In part of this article we address statements made by Jennifer Fray regarding the D12 Seattle port shutdown: Jennifer Fray states the following in her D12 article published on the Black Orchid blog:

“Crossing into the Terminal puts you on Homeland Security territory, and for people to make sure and not do that.”
“We tactically decided against shutting down the West Seattle Bridge.” “We told people not to jump on trucks.”

These are direct quotes taken from Jennifer Fray’s blog, they are not paraphrased or taken out of context.

We have no problem with the discussion of good tactics and spreading tactical information of surroundings, BUT yelling orders at other protesters, such as “DO NOT CROSS into HL Security zone” is oppressive speech, implying authority. Yelling orders “don’t climb on trucks!” is oppressive speech and implies Authority. As an Anarchist, I wanted to vomit when I heard these few organizers from “B.O.C collective” giving ORDERS on megaphones at the port shutdown. Tactics or not ??? Giving authoritative ORDERS and the attempt to control revolting people will only alienate free people and defuse uprisings and insurrections. People are smart enough to judge information for themselves, and make their own decisions without authoritative organizers trying to control people and shouting orders at them. We have no problem with the spreading of tactical information in a non authoritative way. We do have a big problem with organizers acting authoritative and giving orders in attempts to CONTROL rebelling people. Jennifer Fray also stated that “we tactically decided against shutting down the West Seattle Bridge. “ Jennifer Fray and her collective “deciding” and attempting to impose cooperation and appeasement with “authority “is counter-revolutionary and only helps to alienate free people and diffuse insurrections.

Black Badgers clan consensus/collective response authored by: Stray, Kabuki Donnie, Kobe, Jon, Think and Dezy.

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