Lakewood: How to run the banks


This isn’t the bank robbery blog, but this heist was pretty dope.

KomoNews. Sept 6:

Masked men storm Lakewood bank branch, flee with cash

LAKEWOOD, Wash. – Three masked men stormed a US Bank branch Thursday in Lakewood in a well-orchestrated takeover-style robbery, ordering customers and employees to the floor before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash, police said.

The suspects then fled the bank in a stolen Buick, which they ditched a few blocks away before fleeing in another vehicle described as a white SUV. The suspects remain at large.

Officers rushed to the scene, the US Bank at 9310 Bridgeport Way SW, at about 9:25 a.m. after receiving reports of a robbery in progress, said Lt. Chris Lawler of the Lakewood police. The robbers were gone when police arrived.

Witnesses told police that three men had burst into the bank wearing masks. They ordered everyone to the floor, jumped over the counter and grabbed cash. At least one of the men was armed with a handgun, Lawler said.

As the robbers fled the bank, they ran to a light blue Buick parked nearby and sped away.

Another witness contacted police later to say three men were seen abandoning the Buick in an alley a few blocks away. The threesome then jumped into a white SUV and took off at high speed.

Lawler said no one was hurt during the robbery and no shots were fired, but customers were shaken up.

“Yelling, screaming, more than one suspect – it was probably a frightening event,” Lawler said. He said police are waiting to review surveillance video of the robbery.

Lawler also said Tacoma police are also investigating a separate bank robbery involving a white SUV as a getaway vehicle, and Lakewood detectives are checking to see if there is any relationship between the two robberies.

“Hopefully they won’t hit again,” he said.

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