No Repression: In Regards to Snitchjacketing

No Repression. Oct 2:

Snitch Jacketing is a term originally used to describe an FBI tactic for sowing divisions within a target group through spreading suspicion of an informant. It has been used as an interrogation technique as well, feeding the target false information that other subjects have snitched in order to break their resolve.

Even worse than the police employing this technique to break up communities is when communities use this technique themselves when speculating about those involved with a state investigation.

In regards to the Grand Jury investigation in the Pacific Northwest, CAPR is assuming the best intentions of those who have been subpoenaed. In the event that someone does co-operate it will become evident in the resulting grand jury transcripts, records of those indicted (if there are indictments), and in the upcoming FOIA requests that we are committed to obtaining and publishing. Each of the subpeanuts has decided to take a different approach in resisting the Grand Jury. Each technique has allowed for varying degrees of transparency.

We are assuming that there will not be co-operation with the investigation and we are asking the same of the larger radical community. We are asking that you consider the
implications of the things you say about those who have been subpoenaed before speaking speculations about others.

If you have questions about this process or would like to contribute in some way please contact us.

The Committee Against Political Repression

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