Their Names on Every Wall

BC Blackout. Oct 3:

While we prepare for an incredible battle with large oil, gas and coal interests and all the forces of BC and Canada, we must never forget those who are already locked up or otherwise facing repression for rising with dignity against our common enemies. In the face of the ever-expanding technologies of exploitation and repression, we have our relationships of solidarity and our will to refuse collaboration and continue to attack the systems of social control. We encourage all anarchist revolutionaries and other rebels to learn about the freedom fighters inside. Find out whose actions and words relate to your own struggle. Send them encouraging letters, a little material support, or just allow your impulses inspired by their rebellion to create your own contributions toward the destruction of prisons and the world that needs them.

Free John Graham and Leonard PeltierNo one left behind

An Anarchist Prisoner List for Canada and the US

Grand Jury Defiance in the Pacific North West (US)

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