Vancouver BC: Fur Shops in Vancouver Vandalized Again, Snowflake Fur closed

Animal Liberation Press Office. Sept 28:

Fur Shops in Vancouver Vandalized Again

Five weeks ago we took action against Snowflake Furs and Speiser Furs in Vancouver Canada. We used 10 large syringes with 16 gauge needles to shoot a foul substance into the stores through small spaces in the doors. Syringes have the ability to shoot more than 25 feet into the building onto their merchandise causing serious economic damage.

The Pacific Center Snowflake Furs location is now closed indefinitely. The store is gutted and lifeless, how appropriate.

We will stop when the violence and murder stops and it is only a matter of time before actions like these start occurring at the other Snowflake locations in Whistler and Banff.

To anyone who does not understand why fur stores are being targeted in this way please search ‘fur cruelty’ or ‘skinned alive for fur’ on your computer and spend some time witnessing the horrific fur trade. ALF

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