GLITUR: Statement of Solidarity with Bay Area Anti-Colonist Activists

GLITUR. Oct 10:

Statement of Solidarity with Bay Area Anti-Colonist Activists

On Saturday, October 6th, comrades in the city of San Francisco took to the streets in order to protest the murder of indigenous peoples and the destruction of their lands at the hands of capitalists and the colonialist powers that enable them in a march referred to as a west-coast anti-colonial/anti-capitalist march. What began as an expression of sorrow and rage designed as part of the Decolonize the New World 2012 campaign instead turned into a pitched battle with the police, as San Francisco Police Department terrorized and beat marchers, to include those marching on the sidewalk. 22 arrests have been made, some of them protesters fleeing police violence and attempting to avoid repression from the State.

In the aftermath of the arrests, SFPD has released booking photos and sensitive information regarding arrestees to the press in a measure that can only be described as an attempt to intimidate and harass marchers exercising their ability to speak truth to power. A spokesperson for SFPD, Gordon Shyy, included unfounded allegations connecting the marchers to other “crimes” committed with no evidence and no basis in fact. Another newspaper released sensitive medical information as well as full names of those arrested, who have not yet been tried nor found “guilty.”

These acts on the part of the San Francisco Police Department and the local media are clear attempts to dissuade people from participating in free speech. One only need read the comments in the online news stories surrounding these activists to see that they are now exposed to threats of violence and retaliation from the American public. This is an attempt to wedge activists from the public who would benefit from actions against colonialism and capitalism. GLITUR condemns and denounces these tactics of oppression from the State, SFPD, and the corporate media, as should all people who hope for true liberation from oppression.

Queer liberation has always been an ideal and movement for true and total freedom. We urge fellow queers and fellow revolutionaries to stand and say NO to police oppression and NO to media-enabled harassment. We stand in solidarity with the arrestees and other attendees of the October 6th action, and now issue a demand that all charges be dropped and all media harassment end.

Please call the San Francisco District Attorney and demand that all charges be dropped, and that the arrestees be released immediately.

The number to call is (415) 553-1751EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU SHOULD SAY:Hi my name is _______________________ and I am calling in support of the twenty people arrested during the protest march on Saturday October 6th. I demand you drop these politically
motivated charges and immediately release them all from jail.

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