Portland: Banks Smashed in Portland March in Solidarity with Leah & Other GJ Resisters

AnarchistNews.org. Oct 12:

Last night on 10/11, a march convened in the streets of SE Portland, just a day after a third PNW comrade has been imprisoned by Federal scum for resisting their Grand Jury subpoenas.The Judge, the Feds, and the State know all too well that Matt, KteeO, and Leah will continue to resist their coercion. These ignorant state officials somehow live in a fantasy land where radical solidarity doesn’t exist…

Four banks along the path of our march were smashed, including rocks through multiple windows at an Umpqua Bank, a large metal chair through a Wells Fargo window, and rocks through a Chase and finally a U.S. Bank.

Banks both invest in and profit from the Prison Industry that is being used to suppress our activities against the state by imprisoning our comrades.

A Walgreens window was also hit. Our local media devour false police rumors, such as what seems to be fabricated reports that bottles were thrown at pedestrians. It was quit the contrary, with pedestrians and bar-goers cheering us on and joining in on chants, with some even joining the march as we encouraged them to do so! Despite some marchers not understanding the purpose of blockades, no one was arrested when the thick-headed cops finally broke it up, though a few marchers were briefly detained and released, apparently.

SMASH ALL PRISONS & BANKS, TOPPLE THE STATE! Solidarity to all in prison and especially those queers, because we queers DESTROY with the fierceness!





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