Snitch Alert for the Pacific Northwest: Zach Jensen

From Seattle Free Press. Oct 13:

SNITCH ALERT: Known informant Zach Jenson has been spotted in Olympia, at a bar next door to a benefit for the grand jury resisters. Jenson helped put away his one time friend Eric McDavid, and cooperated in full with federal investigators and US Attorneys. It appears that he is trying to re-enter the movement and may possibly still be gathering information for the feds. While our friends sit in prison for refusing to speak to our enemies, while his former comrade is losing decades of his life to a federal gulag in part because of Zach’s actions, we must make sure that it is known that SNITCHES ARE NOT WELCOME IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

ADDENDUM: Inevitably whenever a post is made about an informant the tough guy talk starts and people who likely have never even been in a fight before start talking about “snitches get stitches.” While Zach Jenson should certainly be verbally confronted and asked to leave activist spaces and other areas, physical violence against him would be harmful to both Eric McDavid and potentially his attackers as well.

1.) Eric’s legal proceedings are not finished. What this means is that any physical assault or intimidation of Zach Jenson, a witness in Eric’s case, could reflect poorly on Eric and prejudice a judge against him. Remember- your actions could keep someone in prison longer!

2.) Assaulting Jenson would not just result in a minor charge. INTIMIDATING A FEDERAL WITNESS IS A SERIOUS FELONY and people have spent upwards of 10 years in prison for it. I know that none of you intend to harm him anyway- if you did you wouldn’t be posting about it on the internet. Even so, people should be aware that there could be serious consequences, both for our imprisoned comrade and others. Any posting already threatening Jenson or implying that he should be physically harmed should be removed immediately. 

My personal feeling is that if Jenson is spotted he should be immediately confronted and asked to leave any space he is inhabiting. A polite plea should be made and if he does not comply his picture should be taken and warnings posted online about where he has been sighted. Under no circumstance should anyone touch his person, threaten him, or attempt to intimidate him. Please, show solidarity with our comrades in prison right now and keep yourselves safe as well.

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1 Response to Snitch Alert for the Pacific Northwest: Zach Jensen

  1. Anonymous says:

    are there any updates on this? a more current picture? a better description? it’s hard to figure out in a town where everyone looks the same

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