Solidarity rally for grand jury resister Maddy Pfeiffer: Dec. 14

December 14th, 12:30pm

Seattle Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA

Maddy Pfeiffer was served a subpoena in Olympia, WA and appeared before the grand jury on Nov. 7th. At that time they were taken to a contempt hearing but received a continuance so they could prepare with their lawyer. Please come out and support them on Friday, December 14th at 12:30PM! Their hearing is at 1:30PM but let’s start early and gather for support and conversation before they have to go inside.

REMEMBER: It is likely they’ll be taken into “custody” after their hearing.

Please bring anything you can to contribute: food, coffee, umbrellas, BANNERS, FLIERS, SIGNS, megaphones, etc.


For more info -> &

If you want more info on grand juries in general check the “Resources” page of the site.

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