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Intellectual Nonsense and the Fear of Rationality

We are sometimes alone. In those solitary moments when we attempt to make sense of the world, we may harmlessly come across certain books which strike us as vague and obscure, written by ‘philosophers’ and critics whose knowledge of politics, … Continue reading

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FBI Affidavit Demonstrates Political Nature of FBI Investigation

from Committee Against Political Repression. Oct 21: On October 18, ran an important article, “Agent: FBI tailed Portland anarchists headed to May Day riot.” While the piece describes previously unavailable details of the FBI’s investigation into the May Day … Continue reading

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The Grey Clouds Come Rolling In: Words from a Grand Jury Resister Oct 10: Today was the first day where it actually felt like the rainy season I’ve grown to know over the past five years. Today was also the day that the third grand jury resister, Leah Lynn-Plante was taken … Continue reading

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Seasol: Pegasus Pizza Pays Up

Seattle Solidarity. Oct 3: Pegasus Pizza Pays Up Luis and SeaSol have won our second fight against Pegasus Pizza. A few months after our last encounter, Luis was fired for being a few minutes late due to delays in his … Continue reading

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Seattle: archives – Seattle Group Bulletins #1-60 (1965 – 1971) now online

A-Infos. Oct 1: (en) US, Seattle Group Bulletins #1-60 now online Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 22:46:08 +0200 The Seattle Group Bulletins were published between 1965 & 1971 & all 60 are now online & fully searchable. —- The Seattle … Continue reading

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No Repression: In Regards to Snitchjacketing

No Repression. Oct 2: Snitch Jacketing is a term originally used to describe an FBI tactic for sowing divisions within a target group through spreading suspicion of an informant. It has been used as an interrogation technique as well, feeding … Continue reading

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Vancouver BC: a reflection on Woodsquat, Woodward, Gentrification in the Downtown East Side

The Dominion. Oct 3: The Cornerstone of Gentrification in the Downtown East Side From the Woodward squat ten years ago, to a displaced neighbourhood by Isaac Oommen, Photos by Murray Bush – Flux Photo VANCOUVER—Towering 43 storeys at the corner … Continue reading

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