Digital Security

Here is some useful information about posting info to websites using different operating systems. Note: Grey Coast Anarchist News is currently running on a platform. The Drupal platform will be coming soon. If anonymity is a concern, FYI for now you can comment only as anonymously as allows, and GC(A) cannot say for sure what those parameters are. GC(A) has created settings that allow you to comment without registering in WordPress.

GC(A) can also be reached by email – and another way to get info to this website if you don’t want to post here directly is to send an email, but first read the document about encrypting emails, or create content onto this website and include a link to the content/info on an outside source like indymedia.

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“Digital Security For Activists”

From Patterns In The Void:


The purpose of these documents is to provide a quick introduction to the concepts and methods of digital security, and is specifically aimed at non-technically inclined political, human/animal rights, environmental activists. Sections are provided for different operating systems (Windows, OSX, and Linux) and subsections within those for basic and advanced tutorials. Basic tutorials will cover secure communications and online anonymity, and are prerequisite to the advanced tutorials. The advanced tutorials will cover full-disk encryption, plausible deniability, virtualization methods and secure file deletion techniques to obfuscate digital forensics in the event of federal/JTTF/police raids, anonymous file transfer and sharing, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which all lead to an introduction to offensive security and digital activism, or hacktivism.

Credits for the inspiration and contents of these documents go to a series of workshops organized by the HackBloc Collective, the Angry Nerds! Collective, the Canadian Cypherpunks, and a few other unaffiliated friends whom I will leave unnamed because I haven’t yet asked them if it’s alright to mention them.

If I fail to explain things properly, or use technical terms without first defining them, please feel free to email me at isis(at)patternsinthevoid(dot)net or leave your questions in a comment on my blog, and I will try my best to give simple and correct answers. Eventually, I will compile all related questions I receive into a FAQ and add it to these pages.

To continue with the tutorials, please select your current operating system (OS):




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