Long Live the Portland Commune!

Upcoming –

  • The (A) Calendar uses pink for some of #occupyportland’s upcoming events.

– December 3rd – March and New Occupation Location.

Latest News –

  • The “#Opdx” tagged articles are everything up till Nov 13. The “#Occupy2.0” tagged articles are everything since Nov 13.

Anarchist perspectives from Portland –

OCCUPY 2.0 (After Nov. 12/13 eviction)

Through NOVEMBER 12/13 eviction:


Occupations Elsewhere in Cascadia (not updated)

Larger occupations to our knowledge are in bold.

Note: this list was taken from the Occupy Together Directory Oct.15th, and the list of locations are more than on the Occupy Together directory.

A few select Anarchist-News sites in other North American cities:

Cascadia & Pacific Northwest

California & Southwest:

Midwest & Mid-Atlantic:


East Coast:


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    Thanks for the info. Found this page on google page 1 and it’s really helpful.

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