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San Francisco: Yuppies Attacked In Solidarity With Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters

AnarchistNews.org. Aug 22: In the early morning of August 22 in San Francisco’s Mission District, we joyfully attacked all presence of gentrification and yuppie windows we could find. These malicious acts were done in solidarity with those in the Pacific … Continue reading

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Seattle: Reportback from June 11

via PugetSoundAnarchists.org. June 12: The June 11th celebrations began last night in Seattle with a well-attended benefit dinner that also included the sharing of poetry and words of solidarity and struggle. After the dinner, there was a demonstration of about … Continue reading

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Seattle: Street of Dreams Corporate Office Vandalized

via PugetSoundAnarchists.org. June 11: Last night the Street of Dreams Corporate Office (located outside of Seattle) had its windows etched out and anarchist graffiti painted on it. This was done for June 11th, in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners including … Continue reading

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Never Alone NW Tour Video

Because We Must. June 5: Never Alone Tour Video This past April we were able to meet up with the folks doing the ‘Never Alone tour for Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & long-term anarchist prisoners‘. We were really excited about … Continue reading

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Eugene: Solidarity with eco-prisoners [June 11]

#### ## Cascadia Forest Defenders: Solidarity with eco-prisoners On June 11 (at 11 am) Eugene activists will hold a circus at the new federal courthouse to mock the federal courts to show that, “If justice is a circus, all of … Continue reading

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June 11 on the Grey Coast: solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners!

Find out what June11 solidarity is on the june11.org about page. Events listed in the Northwest, via june11 events: Seattle, WA–dinner soiree: “Please join us at the Wildcat for an evening of celebrating our shared struggle with Marie, Eric, and … Continue reading

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Some Provocatuer FBI Profiles

This article’s a year old but showed up on recent RSS radar, and still relevant. It’s written by Kristian Williams, Portland author of “Our Enemies in Blue” … Looking for profiles of Portland pigs? Go to G2KPDX.org. ### /-\(/-\|3 /-\(/-\|3 … Continue reading

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6 Years – A Note from Eric McDavid’s Partner

From Portland Indymedia. Jan 15, 2012: 6 Years – A Note from Eric McDavid’s Partner author: sacprisonersupport@riseup.net Dear friends, Today marks the 6th year of Eric’s arrest and incarceration. I’m not quite sure why I always feel compelled to commemorate … Continue reading

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