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Portland: Neighborhood Free Skools

via Portland Free Skool. June 6: As Free Skool grows, we’re considering each neighborhood having its own Free Skool! Interested in running your ‘hood? Know some1? Write us! http://www.facebook.com/events/227823894003418/ This will be a simple workshop on how to do it! … Continue reading

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Knowledge-Sharing 10-minute Lecture Series via Free Skool [Feb, March, Aprl, May]

From Portland FreeSkool. January 14th, 2012. Ten Minute Lecture Series! Every person has knowledge to share. This is the idea that drives free skooling, and the success of the Portland Free Skool depends on all of us gathering to share … Continue reading

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Memetic Cascadia [a free course, Tuesday nights @ St. Francis]

This is a free course on non-violent revolutions taught from an anarchist or anti-authoritarian perspective. If anyone attends this a reportback would be nice to post up here, maybe a synopsis of the ideas presented. How are revolutions presented as … Continue reading

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Free Energy Workshop spied by Freeskoolers

From Portland Free Skool. Dec 10: Free Energy Workshop spied by Freeskoolers this looked good, so we thought we’d share it with you BE THE FUTURE NOW: SOLAR, EFFICIENCY, AND AUTOMATION Green Savers Energy Specialists and Sunlight Solar Energy are … Continue reading

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