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Elements of a Barricade

From Moment of Insurrection. July 29: Myth of the Barricade: The barricade is the myth of insurrection. To look back at past revolt is to reflect on the use of barricades. To see struggle today is to watch the burning … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: FIGHT NOW

Brought to you by friends of the commune: * clip from COMMUNE (2010, Olympia). Watch online here. ####

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We are Contagious: a gift to those who desire social revolt

PSA. May 21: Barcelona: March 29, 2012 London: March 26, 2011 Seattle: November 29 – December 2,1999 Paris: May, 1968 Cairo: January 28, 2011 Athens: December, 2008 Oakland: November 2, 2011 These are the days my dreams are made of. … Continue reading

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The Magnificent Community of Rioters

PSA. May 11: The Magnificent Community of Rioters “Whether this negation manifests itself without betraying itself or whether its forces will be hijacked once again to serve the calculated spread of disaster has nothing to do with necessity; it depends … Continue reading

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Portland Bash Back! Presentation: Queer Resistance in the Age of Austerity/Queer Ultra Violence

A presentation by Tegan Eanelli and Fray Baroque; editors of “Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology” http://www.facebook.com/events/364104470274455/ Date: 03/17/2012 Location: Red and Black Cafe Beginning Time: 7pm Ending Time: 9pm Queer Ultra Violence: Bash Back! Anthology published by Ardent Press … Continue reading

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