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On the House Raids and Grand Jury Subpoenas

PugetSoundAnarchists.org. July 25: As has been reported elsewhere, police, FBI, and Joint Terrorism Task Force agents raided three houses in Portland this morning, dressed like paramilitaries and using flash bang grenades. No arrests were made, but electronics–presumably cell phones and … Continue reading

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WA State Federal Judge said it’s OK to use your seized phone to impersonate you and entrap your friends

Be smarter than the phone. See: “BREAKING: FBI and JTTF Raid on Multiple Homes, Grand Jury Subpoenas in Portland, Olympia, Seattle“ #### From Ars Technica. July 19: It’s legal: cops seize cell phone, impersonate owner Court says sending texts using … Continue reading

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NE Portland & NoPo photos of FBI-JTTF raid this morning

Police state madness. Three homes raided in Portland, subpoenas served or attempted served in Olympia and Seattle. In Portland the FBI was looking for anarchist material, black clothing, flag-making materials and seized electronic devices. #### Photo Gallery from The Oregonian. … Continue reading

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