Counter Information – BEGINS HERE

To all anarchists in the Portland area,

Grey Coast Anarchists (for now, // and later it will be greycoastanarchists(dot)something) is a website for anarchists in the Portland-area to share news and information of interest to anarchists. As creators of the site we are making links to local associations, the assemblies, and other events and information. For now with the WordPress site, viewers will not have the ability to post user-generated content. So message us about more groups to add and events we can post here.

NOTE: this is the temporary site. The full site, greycoastanarchists(dot)something, will be ready within the next month and is running on a content management system (CMS) via anarchist-operated servers instead We are modeling the functionality of the full site similar to websites you might already be familiar with, such as: (PSA), Tacoma Anarchist Network (TAN), and Contr(A) Info but it will be less like an website which is for broader audiences and less specific to local anarchist projects. The full site will allow digitally-secure ways for users to anonymously submit content such as analyses, announcements, events, counter-information, news, posters, fliers, proclamations, communiques, publications // zines, as well as video and other forms of multimedia.

Stay connected to the WordPress site for now and give your feedback. This will help the development of the full site. Let us know if you want your local project linked from the side-bar menu and what features you’ll find useful on the full site. The options for contacting us are: commenting at the bottom of this post and/or emailing greycoastanarchists(at)gmail(dot)com.

Love & chaos all around,

Grey Coast Anarchists


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