Tacoma Police Shoot Again [ps(A)]

From PugetSoundAnarchists. Reposted from the Seattle Times. Thu, 10/13/2011.



Of course the media reports will say the suspect threatened officers’ lives, their only option was to shoot at a driver without their headlights on.

Police in Tacoma are investigating the circumstances that led to an officer opening fire on a suspect Wednesday evening.

The incident began when a Tacoma police officer tried to pull over a vehicle without its headlights on about 8:30 p.m., Tacoma Police Department spokesman Donald Remsdell said.

When the suspect didn’t pull over, the officer called for backup and units were dispatched the Vista Valley apartment complex that vehicle was registered to.
As the man, described as in his 20s, entered the parking lot of the apartment complex on Tacoma Mall Boulevard, police officers were there waiting for him.

“As one of our officers was standing outside his vehicle, the individual drove towards our officer, at which time our officer pulled his weapon and shot multiple times,” Remsdell said.

The suspect’s vehicle then crashed into a fence before catching fire. The officer who fired the shots then reportedly pulled the suspect from the burning car.
Remsdell said the suspect was shot at least one time and also suffered burn-related injuries.

A nearby witness was upset with the police’s treatment of the suspect. She described the suspect’s body as ”lifeless” when police attempted to rescue him.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital. The extent of his injuries is unknown. No officers were injured in the incident.

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