How much money does PPB usually waste, compared to #Occupy?

Either way a cop is a cop.


From Renegade PDX. Dec 13:

Portland Police Waste Your Tax Dollars More Than Occupy Ever Could

The City of Portland has given an estimate of $85,000 to $100,000 to repair Chapman and Lownsdale parks. While it’s true that damage happened and yes the cost is being highlighted, some say unfairly others justly. Regardless of your position on the cost, one thing that is very certain, that the City has paid out millions of dollars in just the last few years alone wasting money Occupy could never.

One instance is of a cop overreacting to a black man with a concealed weapon permit and weapon. The three were never arrested yet one was actually pulled out of his car after having his seat belt cut apart followed by getting punched in the junk.

The City’s bill: $175,000

This same cop two years earlier shot a suicidal man on the phone with the Police.

The City’s bill: $500,000

The Police had crushed a fraile older mentally ill man while overtaking him for arrest. He died shortly after.

The City’s bill: $1,600,000


Police with absolute power shot a man in the back while testifying she shot him in the stomach. AFTER he was on his knees with his hands behind his head or as cops like to define as “passively resisting”.

The City’s bill: $138,073

The City’s bill: Unbelievable!

2010: Paul Stewart $20,024

2010: Christophe Clay$56,306

2010: Jason Elgin $30,500

TOTAL: $2.5 million (or so).

And I just got tired of going through so many stories and amounts. It goes on and on. This is just a very low number of the first few I found.

All of these were from violent overreacting cops who feel they are above the law. The people at the protest site were peaceful inclusive and trying to help the community. Yes, it ruined the grass, but is it really a big deal compared to the truly criminal behavior of City employee’s. Especially considering that it comes from the taxpayers.  That means, with even the extraordinarily low incidents I used, the cost of the parks is a petty 4% of the amount of wasted City money. Because even if it does cost the city another $100,000, it is paid to local companies to pay to local workers. The waste from Police goes to just one person to do what they need to. Not back into the community.

Mayor Adams and the For Profit News (it’s your stories I used to reference most of these settlements), you both know you’re deliberately not telling the whole truth, the truth you know but the truth we don’t get. That’s what we commonly refer to as a liar.

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