Call-out to show support for foreclosed mother [Tues Feb 7]

via Unsettle:

Call-out to show support for foreclosed mother on Feb 7th

In December, amidst the swirl of holiday cheer, Unsettle Portland received an urgent request for support of a Portland homeowner – Angelah Hill, an African American single mother of two whose home in Southeast was being put up for auction. Her family would be homeless if evicted, so in a rousing show of support that is proving to be characteristic for foreclosure defense work, Unsettle Portland, We Are Oregon, and many community allies showed up to the auction and packed out the courthouse steps for Angelah.  The house was not auctioned off that day, and Angelah wagered some time to start organizing her community.

The next step in her battle is coming up THIS Tuesday, February 7th.  At 9am, Freddie Mac is filing the paperwork to have Angelah and her two kids evicted.  We invite you, once again, to pack out the court room to show Angelah your support and the courts that eviction notices are no longer effective!  Following the 9am filing, Angela and a number of her allies (including Unsettle Portland and We Are Oregon) will be giving a press conference publicly affirming her intention to stay in her home, no matter what.

PLEASE COME and show Angelah that you will stand with her.

WHERE:  The Multnomah County Courthouse Room 120, 1021 SW 4th Ave

WHEN: 9am Court Hearing, 10am Press Conference – come for both!!

WHO: Angelah Hill, We Are Oregon, Unsettle Portland, homeowners, friends, families, community organizers, Occupiers, old, young, workers, everyone, and you!

Read the Mercury article about the auction of Angelah Hill’s house in December.

Unsettle Portland is a local affiliate of the Take Back The Land network.

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