Victoria: Anarchist Noise Demo in Solidarity with Grand Jury Resistors at Victoria Bookfair

Vancouver Media Co-op. Sept 9:

On Saturday August 8th, anarchists left the bookfair to take the streets in solidarity with comrades resisting the State and their grand jury lynch mobs. Handbills were strewn and handed to passerbys (mostly from the near by “Beer Fest”) The text read:


On Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids anarchists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing, and anarchist literature. The people subpoenaed have issued a clear statement about their refusal to collaborate with the grand jury. Refusal to cooperate may mean serving upwards of 18 months. These are just some of the tactics the state uses to try and crush effective social subversion. With solidarity we can break their hold and the states monopoly of power.

Anonymous Quotes From Some Grand Jury Resistors:

“these raids and the grand jury are clearly responses to anarchists acting in revolt, asserting our power.”

I have no desire to view myself as a victim, or someone whose rights have been violated. Instead, I understand that the state views myself and my comrades as enemies, and they will do whatever they can to stifle our struggle, providing they can get away with it.”

South of the 49th state tactics are attempting to break the strength of anarchists through intimidation and fear. Although we know repression is always possible, its effectiveness falters when we refuse to cow to their tactics and instead express solidarity with those the state targets.

A few degrees north, we are facing a similar enemy with similar tactics. As our struggle against the Pacific Gateway and other projects of resource extraction intensify, so will the states reaction. By creating and expanding an anarchist anti-repression culture we wish to strengthen our comrades around the world and locally.

We’ve been strengthened by anarchists in Montreal and Southern Ontario expanding and deepening their revolt in the face of repression surrounding G20 and student strike conflicts. To our comrades in the mid-west, out east, in the PNW of the US and around the world: Our struggles are one.


In other news, due to our presence and attraction of the local pig posse, a number of intoxicated attendees from beer fest were able to raid a grocery store and eat their cheering bellies full of expropriated takeout.

For more info on the Grand Jury and the Resistance see:

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