Papercutter #17, Microcosm.

From Microcosm Publishing. 10/12/2011.


Papercutter #17

by Nate Beaty, Vanessa Davis, Jason Martin, Corinne Mucha, Sarah Oleksyk and Jesse Reklaw

Papercutter is Tugboat Press’s award winning anthology series dedicated to showcasing the best young, underexposed and emerging comic book artists. This issue marks a departure for Papercutter as they turn the whole issue over to acclaimed zinester Jason Martin (Laterborn) who fills the issue with seven autobiographical stories illustrated by seven of today’s best cartoonists. Jesse Reklaw (Slowwave) draws a story from Jason’s youth as he creates the greatest unknown supervillain of all time, “The Weeper”. Calvin Wong (Ramble On) provides the art for one the most harrowing moments in Jason’s life as his house nearly burns to the ground. Corinne Mucha, Francois Vigneault, Sarah Oleksyk, Hellen Jo, and Vanessa Davis round out this special issue with funny, compelling, and heartfelt stories. Additional art by Nate Beaty.

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