Time to Breakup With The Media

From Utopia or Bust.

re: “Time’s Up, Occupy Portland” from The Oregonian, a corporate newspaper.


My thoughts?

the media <=> the police <=> the corporations <=> the homeland security <=> the banks <=> the electoral system


It’s one big circle. To some who were discussing this in an Occupy Portland forum, ya’ll are way too caught up in that crap, actually agreeing with a corporation. I could say some pretty critical things about why people are agreeing with the news corporations in this editorial, but I think I’d rather ask, who are the “bad apples” you want to “screen out”? You know they love this reaction by the way, that some elements in #occupypdx are really affected by what they say about it. The less affected you are the more annoyed they get, the better it is. We broke up with the banks. Time to break up with the media.

I’d add that police know how to use the media as their mouthpiece. The police actually make the media’s job easier, because all they do when they want easy news is go to the police desk and say “hey what’s new” and quote those assholes word for word. Also there’s the unstated game-theoretic agreement that the media won’t bad mouth the police because the police won’t give them exclusive “news” and press access in the future, which means less revenue for that media.So there’s a symbiotic corporate relationship right there. That’s how they will continue to lie and promote obedience, control, and the world of Wall Street continues…

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