A Gitxsan reply to government’s recuperative role in the Gitxsan Treaty Society

Gitxsan Unity Movement blog. May 30:

Gitxsan Treaty Society… Government pawns?

Once again the Gitxsan Treaty Society (GTS) refuses a great opportunity to end the Gitxsan Crises and have our Nation move forward. The Gitxsan Unity Movement has written the Board of Directors (BOD) extending and invitation to meet and discuss the root of the problems  to this Crises. The GTS responds with a letter signed by the receptionist… the Receptionist! Asking for the impossible, in order for the BOD to meet with the Gitxsan Unity Movement.

It has become paramount for the Gitxsan Unity Movement (GUM) to meet with the BOD in order to lift the injunction and keep our Chiefs from facing fine and jail. There also seems to be an outside interference which the GUM has faced when trying to set up meetings with the GTS’s Gimlitxwit. The BOD seems to be reluctant to hold up to their responsibilities to the house groups and Pdeeks (clans). The BOD have been put into these positions to direct the staff of GTS, they are to report to their Clans and discuss all decisions that have to be made. The Gitxsan people are not being informed by the BOD, nothing has been discussed with the people. Why then, is it wrong for the people to ask questions without the threat of being fined and imprisoned?

The GTS is out to embarrass themselves further and incarcerate four of the Gitxsan Nation’s respected Chiefs, Delgumuukw, Dawamuukw, Guhadakw and Axmatximwill. Gordon Sebastian, the former Executive Director of the GTS has pointed his finger stating that it is the BOD who ordered the injunction and to charge the Chiefs with contempt. Two of the BOD have been ostracized from the BOD for what the GTS calls conflict of interest, they are Sandra Olson and Charles Muldon. One of the BOD members Head Chief is Delgumuukw, this is how BOD shows their respect and appreciation! By ordering Chiefs to be jailed.



Blow is a list of the BOD with their email address , if they have them. We encourage all Gitxsan to contact these members and call for Pdeek meetings. Which is the accountable and transparent method that the GTS has put in place to respect the wishes of the Gitxsan Nation.

At a recent GTS Gimlitxwit meeting the Chiefs called for an end to this Crises, to sit down at the same table to resolve the issues. To create Unity and become that once proud Nation that brought the world the Dulgumuukw court case decision. In turn, the GTS staff ignored the orders of the Chiefs and quickly rushed through the remainder of the meeting. Meeting over, NOTHING resolved, no plans to meet with the Gitxsan Unity Movement.

Which leads us to ponder… just what is Gordon Sebastian, Bev Perival and Elmer Derrick trying to protect? Why are they fighting so hard to enforce the injunction? Could it be, that perhaps they are more afraid of the Governments and Corporation that they are willing to sell out their own people? Are they too far in to back out and own up?  Will there always be division amoungst our Nation? Presently two thirds of the territories are against the Gitxsan Treaty Society and their practices. Is this the way it will always be?

The Gitxsan Unity Movement has always stated that the answers do lay within the High Chiefs of the Gitxsan Nation, but when the GTS Chiefs refuse to hold up to their inherent duties and blatantly say one thing and do the opposite. What is one to think? Why do you allow the BOD and the GTS to settle our business in court? It should be as one of the Chiefs suggested in your Gimlitxwit meeting, have an All Clans Feast and get it all out into the open.

A message out to the GTS, the Hereditary Chiefs and the Gitxsan Nation. The Gitxsan Unity Movement is growing and is not going to go away! We continue to strive for accountability, transparency and to return the authority and jurisdiction to its rightful place, the Gitxsan Simgiigyet and the Gitxsan Nation!

The Gitxsan Unity Movement began as Gitxsan Against Enbridge in early December 2011. The goal of the movement is to bring harmony between the Gitxsan Government and the values, law and will of the Gitxsan.


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